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I am a photographer based in Gatineau, Quebec. I have two daughters who inspire and challenge me constantly. I love to document the beauty in the details of those everyday, ordinary moments without trying to make life look perfect. I'm interested in telling stories of people and moments in an artistic way, with real life as the backdrop.


Having kids gave me a new purpose to document family life; to capture the big moments and little moments, the joy and vulnerability. I do this so I can remember what the moment felt like long after they grow up, and to create something tangible that they can hold on to. I want them to see themselves, to see our family, as we were and as we are.  


I take the same approach to the personal projects I take on. My documentary style is simple, honest and authentic. 


Photo credit: Farah Photography

Photo credit: Farah Photography


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Pilot project offering complimentary family photo sessions to parents in the Ottawa/Gatineau area who are facing a cancer diagnosis that may shorten their time with their family.  


Photography project to bottle up the magic of summer.

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