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journal for parents / journal pour parents


A journal for parents to record childhood moments in a mindful, honest way. Real moments, not just milestones.

5 sections to organize your real stories of family life and all of those messages you want to pass along to your children. 

Provide your children with something tangible, in your own words. 

To read about what inspired this, head over to my blog or click the link below to take a peek inside.


“ Mommy, if I’m a Leo and my brother is a Aries, who is the strongest? “ Dear You is exactly what I was missing! As the days go by in the blink of an eye, I want to remember all the details that make my kids and our everyday life unique. Having this light and compact journal makes documenting special moments and my children's childhood so easy. I will cherish its content and what it means forever. Thank you Melanie!

                       - Myriam

"In those tiny pockets of time, when the house is quiet, and the boys are sleeping, I've written, journaled, doodled in it. I LOVE it! I love that I pick what I write about, I choose when, I choose how, and I don't feel like I'm missing any milestones, as I'd often felt with traditional baby books!"

            - Vickie

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