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Livia Tais Pellerin - Your Desire Genius

The first words that came to mind when I met Livia are authentic, warm and easy to talk to. All the qualities you want in a Desire Map coach who will help you set 'goals with soul' to put you on a path of living a more inspired life. You can learn more about Livia and her business by reading her responses below. Please take a moment to visit her page on Facebook and her website.

Number of years in business: 1

1. Looking back on your life, were there certain events or people that helped push you

to follow your current path? Describe one of these key turning points along with any

fears or challenges that may have held you back from pursuing your passion.

When I was a teenager, there wasn’t much that kept me away from talking on the phone for hours with my friends. If I heard the phone ring, I would immediately stop what I was doing to answer. I would even wake up and jump out of bed at a time when nothing could peel me out of my slumber. The telephone almost ruled my life, except between 4-5pm when Oprah was on! I never missed a show and it didn’t matter if the cutest boy in the school would call, I would not be interrupted during her show. Something about Oprah and how she was able to inspire others and truly contribute to social change planted a seed in my fertile mind. In the back of my thoughts, I have always wanted to work to empower others to play big and be their most brilliant self…but who was I to do that?

Many years later, I met Luca “Lazylegs” Patuelli, a dancer and inspirational speaker for disabled children who’s motto is “no excuses, no limits”. He has toured the world spreading his message and his dance. He’s been on So You Think You Can Dance, TED talk and Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few. His bright spirit and ability to move past his limits inspired me immensely. In fact, seeing him rekindled that desire to inspire that I had felt while watching Oprah, though I felt that I had noting to give; nothing about me was inspirational so I tucked that dream away and deemed it impossible.

Life went on and the nagging thoughts of inspiring others resurfaced every few years until I buried it back onto my dusty shelves again. It wasn’t until about two years ago that the desire started to become so strong that it was almost painful to ignore. It started to become clear that I wanted to help others but I wasn’t sure how. I still didn’t feel ready until I took The Desire Map licensing program and the leader of our training said: “Why not you?”. It truly resonated and became my mantra of self-confidence.

2. How and when did you know you were pursuing the “right” career?

Sometimes I still don’t feel that I’m cut out to do this and just when I want to quit, life won’t let me. There seems to always be some divine powers at work that cannot let me abandon ship. Sometimes that takes the form of immense struggle that I need to overcome and sometimes it shows up as a new client or opportunity at a moment when I believe it’s no longer possible. I think that when you find your true purpose you cannot not do it and life will make sure you keep at it because it’s bigger than just yourself.

3. What has been your biggest failure and how did you change as a result?

The hardest moment was to make a choice to break my family apart and become a single parent. Though it taught me resilience and self-sufficiency, it was an emotional process that forced me to grow into a new person. I took responsibility for where I was and made a choice to change my story from that of defeat and victimization to one of empowerment and strength. It has since been the foundation of my work with clients, that is, of deciding how a difficult situation can be seen as your game changer moment into a fulfilling life.

4. How do you define success?

Success sometimes feels like a far away place that I may or may not attain one day. At other times, I feel that success is the journey, the every day enjoyment of the grind and the pride and inspiration you feel from doing what you love.

5. Based on your experience, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Shut up long enough to listen to yourself. Your gift is yours and if you quit looking to the outside for answers, you'll know you already have them within.

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