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Ubuntu Gardens

The session with Ubuntu Gardens marked a change to my project. I've modified the questions a bit to get a different take on the businesses that will be featured. I started this project out of a curiosity about the work others are passionate about, what brought them there and why they do what they do. That feeling of connecting with someone, an emotion, a time, a place is probably one of the main themes behind all of my photography. I think this is why this particular project means a lot to me because it helps me to feel that sense of connection with new people and experiences. I hope it evokes that feeling for you as well, as you get a glimpse into someone else's life and see what they love to do.

Visiting Ubuntu Gardens was a true sensorial experience: the amazing views, the smells of the earth and the various vegetables that were still growing or drying (I can still smell those leeks!) the feel of the soil underfoot, the wetness of the grass and the heat when stepping inside the tunnels. Even though my visit was at the end of the harvesting season, you could still find things growing and beauty in the natural process of decay. Thank you Sally and Doug for letting me document your morning and for your kindness. I look forward to your next season!

Business name: Ubuntu Gardens/ Les jardins Ubuntu Number of years in business: 2 Location: 550 ch. River, L'Ange-Gardien, Qc. Website:

1. Describe what you do. We grow certified organic vegetables and flowers, which we sell in organic baskets and at farmer's markets.

2. What is it about your work that motivates you? The pleasure of working with our hands outside among living things. The people who eat our food. 3. What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to your work and how do you deal with that challenge? Managing our time and achieving balance in our lives. By not living at the farm, and setting a time at which to stop working. 4. What do you want people to know about you and your work? We are experimenting with no-till farming, very inspiring method that regenerates the soil. We both have other careers, but love what we do at the farm and hope to keep on for the rest of our lives!

Road L'Ange Gardien, QC. Fall colours

Landscape scenery, L'Ange Gardien, QC

Photo Project: Farmer removing tunnel where tomatoes are growing.

Close up of tomatoes. Ubuntu Gardens, QC

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