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Favourite behind the scenes wedding photos: beyond the posed

When we think of traditional wedding photography, what comes to mind may be those beautiful images of couples in love, amazing venues, gorgeous dresses and suits, flowers and all of the wedding details that are personalized for the couple. While I love those photos and I enjoy composing such images, I tend to have a soft spot for images of the candid moments that just happen and can't be recreated.

I've photographed a number of weddings over the years and each were so unique and full of emotions that it was an honour to capture. As a client once told me, it is pretty special to be present at such important and personal milestones, to witness people often at their most vulnerable, and to share in the emotions of the day.

Below are just a few of my favourite moments over the years. There were so many, it is hard to choose just a few.

This couple had just exchanged vows in front of a small group of friends at Major's Hill Park. Due to Covid, the wedding was kept small which also meant many friends and family could not attend in person. They had chosen the perfect spot and, despite a little rain, they set up a picnic style get together with blankets, champagne and food for everyone. I love this moment right after they made it official, they turned to the phone camera and made a toast to include loved ones who were sending their best wishes from afar.

Ottawa photographer
Following an intimate wedding ceremony in the rain at Major's Hill Park in Ottawa, the couple raises a glass to family and friends who were watching from around the globe.

This photo of the groom who was overcome with emotion as he was delivering his vows is from one of my favourite weddings of all times. The wedding ceremony took place in Mayo Quebec, in the middle of the forest. Surrounded by family and friends, this couple were so easy going and fun. The love between them and also from all of those in attendance was palpable. I love the unexpected vulnerability and the beauty of this moment.

Ottawa Gatineau wedding photographer
Mayofest wedding - groom wipes away tears as he delivers his wedding vows.

This is from the same wedding in Mayo, Quebec. I think this may be the one and only time I have the opportunity to photograph a pirate ship in the middle of a forest...although who knows?? It was such a hot day and more than a few guests jumped in to cool off.

Mayo wedding photographer Ottawa Gatineau
Mayofest wedding - two children on unicorn floaties enjoying the water after the wedding ceremony.

Following an intimate wedding at the Metropolitain Brasserie downtown Ottawa, the bride and groom receive congratulations from the bride's grandmother. A lovely moment between generations. Including the bride's two grandmothers in the photos was an important request and these moment unfolded so organically.

Ottawa wedding photographer
Bride hugging her grandmother after her wedding ceremony. Metropolitain Brasserie, Ottawa.

wedding photographer Ottawa Gatineau
Grandmother of the bride congratulating the groom. Metropolitain Brasserie, Ottawa

Before a City Hall wedding, the family of the couple had met up at Confederation Park in Ottawa for some family photos. The bride's family were busy getting their dress shoes on before the photos. I love this candid real life moment behind the scenes.

Ottawa City Hall Wedding photographer
Quick shoe change. Confederation Park, Ottawa

Wedding photography Ottawa Gatineau
Wedding guests doing a quick shoe change for the family photos, Confederation Park, Ottawa.

This lovely summer wedding at Verger Croque-Pomme in Thurso Quebec had lots of children in attendance. I always enjoy the naturally candid photos that come from observing what the kids are doing when the adults are mingling. These two spent a lot of time observing the wasps that were busy around the food table.

photographe gatineau - mariage à verger Croque-Pomme
Little girl pointing at the wasp resting on the end of a spoon during the wedding reception. Verger Croque-Pomme, Thurso Quebec

The groom at this wedding at the Schoolhouse just finished saying part of his vows in Mandarin as the bride's family looks on and applauds his efforts. The bride also chose to read part of her vows in French. Such a sweet exchange to honour each other's family backgrounds.

Ottawa wedding photographer
Bride's family applauding the groom for saying his vows in Mandarin, At the Schoolhouse, Munster

Ottawa Gatineau wedding photographer
Bride rehearsing her vows in French before the ceremony, At the Schoolhouse, Munster

There are so many other wedding photos that I'd love to share - perhaps in a future post?! - the little details that add up to a day full of memories and emotional moments.

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