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Lyne and Ryan picked their favourite tree at the Ottawa Arboretum and planned their wedding ceremony around it. The Arboretum is a special spot, only a few blocks away from where they live. The forecast was rain, rain and more rain but everyone was hopeful that things would clear. I loved that we could capture some moments before the ceremony with Lyne and Ryan getting ready and greeting their families. There was a tent set up as a backup plan but somehow, minutes before we were set to leave to walk over to the Arboretum, the rain stopped. Armed with umbrellas just in case, we decided to take a chance and stick to the original plan. Lyne, Ryan, and their families walked over together. It was such a beautiful intimate setting and, because of the weather, we had the Arboretum to ourselves. The vow exchange was emotional with lots of love from those surrounding them. The grey skies created the soft light that made the greens pop and only helped enhance the beautiful setting. Ryan's custom suit and Lyne's stunning dress were perfect. We focused on candid, natural, in-the-moment photos to capture the feeling of their wedding day.



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