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Updating your headshot: it doesn't have to be painful

Working with clients to create a new headshot is one of my favourite types of sessions. I like the challenge since very often clients will confess that they have used the same headshot for 10+ years because they don't feel photogenic and they hate having their photo taken. I like to change this perception of photography - to make the process very simple and easy, to capture a moment that reflects the true person, where they can see themselves. A great headshot can make such a difference - think of all of the times you are asked to provide a photo of yourself: for your bio, website, social media including LinkedIn, as a conference presenter, for an article.... this photo should be something you are happy to provide because you feel like your best self in the image.

Headshot sessions do not have to be stiff and generic. There is room for creativity and for individuality to shine through. Even with a ten minute session, I like to create a variety of images, different poses, backgrounds and perspectives. Outdoors or indoors, there are always options with the goal of creating images that are professional without being impersonal.

I am very honoured to have worked recently with the Hematology Department of The Ottawa Hospital last month to update their headshots. Here's a little look at some of the members of this dedicated team. Check out my portrait portfolio for more headshot samples.

Ottawa Gatineau headshot photographer
Series of headshots for the Hematology Department of the Ottawa Hospital


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